SALE: Zensah Unisex Compression Reflective Leg Sleeves (XS/S)


Size Guide

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves Sizing Chart

Compression Leg Sleeves

When choosing a size, calf size should be used as the primary determinant. We list height for those who do not know their calf size. If between two sizes, recommend sizing down.

  Calf Circumference Height Calf CM Height M
XS/S 9.5" - 12.5" 5' 3" - Below 24 - 31.5cm 1.60m - Below
S/M 12.5" - 15" 5' 4" - 5' 10" 31.5 - 38cm 1.63 - 1.78m
L/XL 15" - 18.5" 5' 11" - Up 38 - 47cm 1.80m - Up

Zensah Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves feature reflective technology to help runners, cyclists, and athletes safely run, bike, and train in low light conditions.

Key Features and Specs

Moisture Wicking
Breathable and Thermal Regulating
Seamless Technology
Graduated Compression
  • Advanced targeted calf and shin support
  • Compression technology to enhance circulation and increase performance
  • Faster muscle recovery post-work
  • Shin splint relief
  • Wear during early morning, evening, or dark hour runs
  • High visibility for ultimate safety
  • Front and back reflectivity
  • Most reflective leg sleeve available on the market
  • 400% more reflective than other compression sleeves

About the Product

Zensah Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves feature innovative reflective technology to help increase visibility in low light conditions and provide runners with improved safety. The compression leg sleeves feature both front and back reflectivity so runners are able to be safely seen during night runs, making them an essential piece of night running gear.

The Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves feature the same revolutionary technology as the bestselling Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves. The Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves provide runners and athletes with enhanced circulation to help increase circulation, thus improving performance. The compression leg sleeves leave runners, cyclists, and all athletes with fresh feeling legs.

Runners and athletes no longer have to worry about night running and training. Zensah Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves are also great for those runners who are running in relay races, such as Ragnar, that have visibility requirements for the nigh running portion of the race. The Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves are an essential piece of any athletes night running gear.

Be seen in Zensah's new running reflective gear. Try the Reflect Compression Leg Sleeves today.

*** Note, when washing the sleeves, please wash inside out ***


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