Healthier Bags

We understand how sweaty your fitness journey can be – take each step with confidence.


The material Inside and outside of every Apera bag is Sanitized Infused with antimicrobial product protection to help prevent the growth of bacterial odors on our bags. And because the antimicrobial aspect is built-in during manufacturing, it will last for the useful lifetime of the bag.


Each Apera bag includes this intelligent organization packing solution. Our Fit Pocket washable insert allows you to keep wet or sweaty items organized and separate from the rest of your gear. They also feature Sanitized Infused antimicrobial product protection to resist the formation of bacterial odour.

In fact they’re so popular, we have received numerous requests from customers to purchase additional Fit Pockets separately.

Now you can buy additional Fit Pockets in single or 2x packs in three eye-popping colours (Electric Lime, Titanium, or Arctic Blue). 


After your exercise regimen, your clothes are likely to be wet and sweaty. Keeping those moist items in your bag can cause problems for the rest of your gear.

Apera bags feature intelligently located laser-cut venting throughout the bag to allow for air flow, keeping your bag, and everything inside it, dry and odor-free.

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